Shipwreck Mitilini Halkidiki Diving

Experience the underwater shipwreck "Mitilini". A short ride by boat from our SeaVery diving center, west of Kipsa Bay is the shipwreck. The ship called "Mitilini", the name of a Greek town, was an old commercial motor ship transporting oil, wine and wheat from Thessaloniki to the island of Lesbos.

Travelling for 20 years, the ship "Mitilini" , hit a reef in a strong storm and sunk. The ship was full of the bottles it was transporting, which remain untouched under water.

The shipwreck rests at the depth of 20 meters, which divers of all levels of experience, from beginner, to highly experienced, will enjoy and love! The shipwreck, has developed and underwater eco system and shelters a wide variety of coral and fish.

Diving and living the experience of the "Mitilini" underwater shipwreck is a unique experience in the Mediterranean sea, offered by the SeaVery diving center.