SeaVery Scuba Diving Halkidiki

Discover the "rest of the world" with our experienced PADI professionals and enjoy an incredible underwater adventure !!!


We take safety very seriously. All our dive staff is trained in diving rescue techniques. Our boat is equipped with safety equipment. An emergency oxygen bottle is located in our store. 


We fill our own cylinders at our dive center so you can dive with the confidence of knowing that the air your breathing is of the best quality.

Discover Scuba Diving

Target Audience:
It is addressed to all over the world. You do not have to have any relevant experience in diving.
If you choose to practice diving in the open sea , then your experience will count on the scuba diver or open water scuba diver lessons.

Form 8 years old
Max depth 5m

Night Diving

Diving at night means excitement and adventure at the same time.
It is an unbelievable feeling to discover the mysteries hield underwater when the sun does down.
The diver can experiencea different underwater environment at night diving , because many marine animals are noctural.


Our highly qualified scuba diving instructors will provide a unique diving course experience, using equipment of the latest technology and provide you with certifications that are only offered by prestigious scuba diving organizations.

Shipwreck Diving

The shipwreck rests at the depth of 20 meters, which divers of all levels of experience, from beginner, to highly experienced, will enjoy and love! The shipwreck, has developed and underwater eco system and shelters a wide variety of coral and fish...

Diving Sites

A place that divers can't forget easily.Your dive will begin at about 4 – 5m and very quickly you go deeper till you reach the vertical facade. You are going to see crinoids, lobsters, crabs and other creatures.